BAZZ CLAZZ Videos has been in the business of producing fishing videos for over 10 years. We have become the largest producer of educational bass fishing videos in the Western United States.

The whole thing started with our first video,
 “Fishing the Ultimate Tube Bait”, a video that teaches anglers how to fish the giant Tora Tube for trophy bass. This was a technique developed by our founder and host, Dan Warme and this video sprang from another video production on trophy bass fishing he was asked to participate in.

 We later progressed into our Guide series of tapes and then into the “Secrets of the Western Pros” series. All BAZZ CLAZZ Videos are first and foremost designed to teach the viewer how to catch their own fish. We are not about showing off how many fish we can catch, nor are we about giving you a “Hard Sell” for particular products. All anglers chosen to appear on BAZZ CLAZZ Videos are chosen for their expertise as well as their willingness to tell the straight facts. Not to try and sell you something.

About our Host

Dan Warme is the host and founder of BAZZ CLAZZ Videos. He has competed for 15 years as a pro in several circuits including BASS, West Coast Bass, Angler’s Choice, American Bass, and WON BASS. He is a noted guide and speaker for fishing shows and seminars. The fish he is shown holding here fell to the Tora Tube.(For those interested, it is #13)

Mr. Warme also has over 20 years of experience in the Hollywood entertainment industry where he has worked in recording studios, TV post production houses and as an independent engineer, where he operates and maintains the complex audio and video equipment used in that industry. This technical expertise has translated over into helping BAZZ CLAZZ achieve and maintain the technical excellence and quality of production for which they have become noted.

Mr. Warme is also an active guide and is available for bookings and can be contacted at . The producers of BAZZ CLAZZ Videos are also available for hire to do outside production, post production. and consulting and can be contacted through BAZZ CLAZZ.

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